Everything grows when you invest in team growth


The workplace is a constantly evolving landscape. The skills an employee brings to the workplace are not necessarily the same skills required in the employee’s current role. While team members continue to grow and learn within the workplace, there’s much to be said for proactively seeking to gain further relevant skills and qualifications through a reputable learning institution.

The University of Waikato has now opened that door, by selecting and tailoring a range of papers to suit people currently working within their chosen profession, with flexible hours and locations of study, enabling participants to complete the papers around working hours with minimal disruption.

Whether an organisation is looking to branch into new territories, add value to current offerings or simply boost confidence within the organisation, there are many reasons to encourage team members to develop skills and gain qualifications, not only for their personal growth but for the overall success of the business.

Create Value for the Organisation
Team members who upskill are likely to gain confidence, exhibit stronger problem-solving capabilities and increase their level of productivity within the organisation.  Individual feelings of growth andaccomplishment can be an empowering force within a team environment.

Discover New Opportunities
Discovering great opportunities can be key to furthering individual career options within an organisation, as well as bringing new ideas into the workplace.  The University of Waikato is a world-class institution with access to mentors and other resources, enabling students to open doors and explore potential opportunities.

Find a Passion
Sometimes, learning a new skill or acquiring new knowledge has the potential to uncover unexpected passions.  When placed in a situation which opens oneself up to new skills, knowledge and challenges, passions you may not have known existed may come to the forefront.  In this way, upskilling is not only beneficial at a professional level, it can also provide a dramatic boost in personal development.

Make New Contacts
What’s more important?  Who you know or what you know?  In reality, it’s a combination of both.  Taking the papers on offer at the University of Waikato, whether online or on campus, gives participants the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can be inspiring, motivating and encouraging.  These might be mentors or other learners.  Either way, your contact list is sure to grow. Improving your workplace skills and working to better yourself and your team can only lead to a great future.