Is New Zealand a Good Place to Visit If You Are an Online Gambling Enthusiast?

Are you thinking of travelling to New Zealand? There are so many cool activities to do there, like visiting mammoth national parks or going on a journey to New Zealand’s forgotten world. One of the best things about travelling to New Zealand is getting to know the locals, which means meeting some of the nicest, friendliest people around. The Kiwis are widely recognised for their hospitality and generosity.

There are so many reasons to visit New Zealand, from wildlife and scenery to great weather and delicious wine. But what if you are an online gambling enthusiast who wants to take a short break from the incredible view and adrenaline-filled activities and spin the roulette wheel? Is online gambling even legal in New Zealand?

The answer is yes, online gambling is legal, granted that the operator’s website you want to play on is not located within NZ jurisdiction. That means any player can legally play in online casinos based outside of the country.

Players who want to play from NZ should take caution because there are many fraudulent casinos on the Internet. If you want to find out more about legitimate casinos in NZ that allow the residents of New Zealand to gamble, we suggest that you take a look at casino review sites. Those sites rank casinos by the quality of the service they provide and the legitimacy — the two most important ranking factors.

In our article, we’ll discuss the legality of online gambling in NZ and talk about how the government in this country regulates this form of gambling.

Regulations for Online Gambling Sites in NZ

When it comes to New Zealand’s regulations for online gambling, the NZ government has constitutionalised this area a long time ago. According to the NZ Gambling Act from 2003, it is legal for the residents of New Zealand to engage in online gambling as long as the casino doesn’t operate within NZ jurisdiction. 

This law clearly indicates that NZ players are legally allowed to gamble in online casinos. What’s great about the gambling laws in NZ is that all winnings from online gambling are tax-free.

How Are NZ Players Protected?

The regulations imposed by the 2003 Legislation Act are very simple and precise. NZ players can gamble on casino sites that are not situated on NZ territory, and online casino operators are prohibited from establishing operations on NZ soil. This type of regulation presents a simple solution that not only resolves everything about online gambling but also frees the NZ government from liability for online gambling.

Although it may seem that this law leaves NZ players unprotected against online casino operators, you can rest assured that is not the case. The government’s strict regulations force operators to treat NZ players professionally.

Having a licensing jurisdiction that regulates online casino operations is the best way to solve any issues that might occur between the casino and the player. They will address the case promptly and make a non-biased decision to resolve the problem.

The regulators take the responsibility of protecting players from unfair online casino operators seriously. If the online casino operator has harmed the player in any way, the licensing jurisdiction will suspend the casino’s operations.