Get excited!  Bamboo socks are the next big thing in men’s fashion accessories.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you might not have noticed the rise in bamboo’s popularity as a material in bedding, towels and clothing.

Already a well-known product, having been used for centuries in industries as diverse as construction, medicine, weaponry and music, bamboo has found new life in textiles such as sheets, towels, clothing – and socks!

Wian van Wyk, director of men’s fashion retailer ELVION, says bamboo’s softness and natural antibacterial qualities make it perfect for socks.

“Bamboo material is incredibly soft,” says Mr Van Wyk.  “As cashmere compares to wool, so too is the difference between Bamboo and cotton.”

Mr Van Wyk says bamboo is particularly suited to socks as it contains naturally occurring antibacterial agents and is very absorbent.

“Bamboo will keep your skin dry as it absorbs moisture.  That is also helping with keeping the stink away,” says Mr Van Wyk.  “It also means that your feet will not feel sticky and the socks will not feel thin in your shoes.”

Bamboo originates in Asia, where it grows extremely well without the use of pesticides.  Japanese scientists discovered the reason bamboo is naturally unaffected by pests and diseases is because of a unique antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo-kun”.

Wian Van Wyk says the combination of bamboo’s anti-bacterial properties combined with its soft, absorbent nature make it the perfect material to wear on your feet.

“Because bacteria do not live well in Bamboo fabric,” he says, “it does not get smelly as quickly as cotton.

“You could even try to wear it a few days in a row and would still not stink.”

Mr Van Wyk says ELVION is currently offering a range of multi-coloured bamboo socks.

“We have chosen designs that are in trend in the business world,” he says.

“Although we do offer straight black and dark blue colours, we promote the fact that wearing multi-colour socks are in fashion.”