Fidget Spinners Craze Puts Game Supplier in a Spin

New Zealand kids are going nuts over the latest game craze, the Fidget Spinner.  The toys are luring kids off their computers and back towards tactile playground games.

“Kids are going absolutely mental for it,” says Eliot Jessep, owner of Game Kings, the first game store in New Zealand to stock the Fidget Spinner.

“The craze has really caught on over the last couple of days, causing us to completely sell out.  We’ll have more stock this week.  People are placing back-orders.  The anticipation is electric.”

The Fidget Spinner is a hand-held toy, consisting of a bearing in the centre of a three-pronged device, which is held by two fingers and spun.  It was originally designed by Catherine Hettinger in Florida, U.S.A., as a therapeutic tool for children with autism and ADHD.  The spinner has gained popularity worldwide, not only in school playgrounds but in offices and workplaces as a stress-relieving tool.

“I’ve been talking to people today who are telling me the few kids who have them at school are getting a lot of attention and other kids are asking where to get them,” says Mr Jessep.  “They’re being directed to the Game Kings site because it’s one of the few places you can buy Fidget Spinners.  We’re the go-to place to get them in New Zealand.”

Game Kings is New Zealand’s leader of niche and hard to get board and card games and toys.  Mr Jessep says Game Kings is bucking the trend in a world where kids and adults often gravitate towards playing electronic games.  Having only been in operation for a little over a year, Mr Jessep says the business has seen huge success, indicating a surprising market demand for these types of games.

“It’s amazing that kids are getting so into a new craze that isn’t technology,” he says of the Fidget Spinner.  “Every kid has just decided Fidget Spinners are cool now.  They’re quite addictive.

“With our card and board games we’re always trying to get niche and new items that attract people’s attention.  The great thing about the Fidget Spinner is that it’s low-tech and low-price. 

“It’s crazy how it’s turned into a fad that’s sweeping the country.  But it’s great for the kids and the parents love it, too, because it’s an old school game like your grandparents used to play.  The polar opposite of Pokémon Go.”