Infinisea is promoting a unique spa experience Indocéane by Thalgo a spa journey along the Silk Road, connecting the East and West between China and the Mediterranean Sea.

Rosemary Currie, founder and owner of Infinisea, says Indocéane is an effective spa treatment for stress relief for both men and women and a particularly good treatment for men who may be suffering from stress and want more than just a regular massage.

“Regular massage is available everywhere,” says Rosemary, “but Indocéane is a sensory two-hour spa experience created by Thalgo to break the stress cycle.  It’s a lot more than just a massage.”

The spa journey begins with the lovely fragrances of the historical region of Provence, France, accompanied by the Mediterranean scents of lime and lemon.

It continues Eastwards, with the Egyptian Bath Step, soaking in milk bath as Cleopatra did when she ruled Ancient Egypt.

Next is the Indian Step, including a beautiful oil massage with pungent Indian aromas, warming and comforting the body and the skin.

For the Chinese Step, a luxurious, silky wrap is applied, accompanied by the scents of iris and jasmine.

Finally the indulgent Indocéane cream is applied, to soften and hydrate the skin.

In all steps, an aromatic candle has been lit and the spa studio has been infused with the uplifting Indocéane room fragrance so that when the client enters the scent is comforting and welcoming..

“The exotic Indocéane fragrances work on the olfactory nerves in the nose,” says Rosemary “It’s very sensory and transports the client on a beautiful spa journey.”

“The massage movements are strong and created to release stress knots in the muscles.  It’s a beautiful long massage and quite difficult for therapists to learn.  This is why we’re selective about the spas that offer Indocéane, where Thalgo therapists are highly trained in the Indocéane massage steps of the ritual.”

The Indocéane Spa Ritual is available at selected Thalgo Spas, such as La Spa Naturale in Paihia, Chuan Spa, The Langham, Auckland, Flagstaff Lodge & Day Spa in Russell, and Ikoi Spa, Takapuna.