Alex Boyd of Papamoa’s Re-Energise Physiotherapy says many injuries sustained by athletes during the 2016 Rio Olympics will require physiotherapy and rehabilitation in order to recover.

The 2016 Rio Olympics has now come to an end and many athletes will be feeling the pain of strains, sprains, aches and pains from the fierce competition.

One injury that reverberated around New Zealand was Sonny Bill Williams’ rupture of his Achilles tendon during New Zealand’s shock loss to Japan in Sevens Rugby.

Sonny Bill has since had surgery to repair the rupture and Alex Boyd says physiotherapy and rehabilitation will be crucial in the following months.

“Achilles tendon injuries can be very serious,” says Mr Boyd.  “Physiotherapy treatment is vital after an injury like this in order to ensure optimal healing.”

Mr Boyd says a properly designed plan of physiotherapy will speed up the healing process, reduce the likelihood of the injury recurring.

“Sonny Bill will be given the very best care by a team of highly trained physiotherapists,” says Mr Boyd.  “Assessing the patient’s injuries and consulting with the surgeon will be part of that care.”

The two-time World Cup winner was helped off the field shortly after the half-time break during the 14-12 loss to Japan.

“It is vital that patients with a suspected Achilles tendon rupture seek physiotherapy or medical assessment immediately, to determine if their Achilles tendon is ruptured,” says Mr Boyd.  “If treatment is delayed it could lead to complications such as the shortening of the torn Achilles tendon.”

Mr Boyd says Sonny Bill’s physiotherapy treatment could take around six to nine months and may comprise a combination of treatments such as soft tissue massage, stretches, joint mobilization, exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance, education and activity modification advice.