Taupo based fertiliser company, Uptake, is New Zealand's expert in soil, plant and animal health and nutrition.

Nobody knows this better than Uptake’s own customers, farmers from all around New Zealand, who have seen first-hand the results of fertilising their farms using Uptake’s unique philosophy of improving animal health from the ground up, getting the right balance of minerals for healthy soil and nutritious pasture.

Taumarunui stud breeder and sheep farmer Ross Richards and his wife Ruth are the owners of the highly successful Romani Farms.

Originally from the Coromandel region, Ross and Ruth bought what was once a run-down farm in Taumarunui and turned it into one of the top producing farms in the area.

Ross and Ruth have been using Uptake’s services for more than a decade and have had positive results, leading to healthy, thriving animals.

“We farm in a low animal health input manner, so we drench as little as possible,” says Ross.  “We haven’t dipped for flystrike in years.  The Uptake fertiliser helps the animals look after their own health by getting the right minerals and the things that they need.”

Jon Davis, CEO of Uptake, says animal health and nutrition, just like human health, shouldn’t be about trying to fix illness once it’s set in.  It should be about getting the right mineral balance in the soil to produce healthy, nutritious pasture for stock to eat, leading to natural good health and robust immune systems and decreasing the need to medicate and drench, just as Ross Richards and many other happy clients are doing.

Uptake has been in operation for more than 30 years and is proudly helping farmers enjoy farming, enjoy their animals and increase profits.