Considering most of us spend a good chunk of our waking lives at work, wouldn’t it be great if we could work in an environment where we felt appreciated, valued and supported?

Research carried out by employment website Seek suggested forty per cent of the New Zealand work force, or about 920,000 people, are unhappy in their jobs.

Feedback from the survey indicated several reasons for job dissatisfaction, including employees feeling undervalued, finding it difficult to communicate with their bosses and feeling the workplace lacked community values.

Renae Smart, managing director of Civtec, which employs around 70 people, says making sure employees are happy and satisfied is not only vital for the productivity of the business, it’s also important for the mental health of employees and their families.

“When a business employs staff, it’s essential to build a culture which ensures employees at every level feel their contribution is valued,” says Renae. “Inclusivity inspires loyalty and makes sure the business retains great staff, as well as having a flow-on effect for the employees’ families and the wider community.”

What’s clear from Seek’s research is that if employers want to attract the right employees, they need to make sure the workplace offers a culture of trust and respect for employees at every level, with opportunities to upskill and be recognised for existing skills.

“Workplace values are very important,” says Renae. “At Civtec we’re a fast growing business so it’s important to retain the team culture and the way we do our work, to reflect our values both inside and outside the workplace.”

Civtec is involved with charities around the Waikato community, such as the Special Children’s Christmas Party, of which Civtec is a major sponsor.

“The Special Children’s Christmas Party gives an opportunity for our employees to be recognised in the community and be proud to be part of Civtec as a major sponsor. All members of our team know they are welcome and encouraged to get involved with our charities such as the Special Children’s Christmas Party, the Westpac Rescue Trust and the community sports teams that we sponsor.”