17 November 2016

Photo by JW Photographers

Photo by JW Photographers


“It was a great excuse for mums and dads to take their kids for a nice family day out,” says Adam Muir, organiser of the fourth annual Kawhia Cruise, which took place on Sunday 13 November 2016.

Adam has been organising the Kawhia Cruise each year since 2013, as a way to raise awareness of, and funds for, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - a disorder of the central nervous system which affects bodily functions such as movement, sight and hearing. 

Adam was diagnosed with MS in 2013.  Adam’s wife, Shelley, was able to accompany him on the first cruise in 2013, before passing away in 2014.  Adam and Shelley’s two sons, Nico (8) and Asher (5) now represent the family, riding with their father in the lead car of the cruise, a 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup. 

Adam’s two adult daughters, Ashley and Brooke, are also involved in the cruise, with Ashley the official photographer and Brooke managing registrations.

“That’s what this is really about,” says Adam.  “On the surface it’s a classic car cruise but it’s turned into much more than that.  It’s about family. 

“What I’ve been through has taught me a hell of a lot about appreciating your family and spending as much time with them as possible.  I originally started the Kawhia Cruise to raise money for MS research but it’s turned into something much bigger.  Every year I see mums and dads taking the opportunity to pack a picnic in the car and spend a fun day out at Kawhia with their kids. 

“Because I have restricted movement, it has forced me to slow down.  Last Sunday at Kawhia I sat in a shady spot and just watched the families spending precious time together.   Honestly, it brought a tear to my eye.”