The Health Shop Hamilton, in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre, on Whatawhata Road, stocks a range of effective products to give symptomatic relief from blocked, runny, itching noses and eyes caused by hayfever.

“Allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hayfever, is an over-reaction of the immune system to environmental irritants in the air,” says Jag Singh, manager of The Health Shop Hamilton.

“Generally it’s a seasonal affliction which happens in Spring,” says Jag. “Pollen from grasses, plants and trees are the common culprits.  However an allergic reaction to dust mites, animal fur, and mold is also sometimes referred to as hayfever, as the same symptoms of allergic rhinitis can present themselves.”

Symptoms of hayfever can include post-nasal drip, which often causes a cough, nasal and sinus congestion, a runny, itchy nose, eyes and ears, frequent sneezing and skin rashes.

Sufferers of hayfever can experience sleepless nights, exhaustion and general misery.

“As nice as it would be to find a cure,” says Jag, “often symptomatic relief can serve as a saviour for those afflicted. Many natural health products are available to help abate the symptoms. An awareness of your food and environmental triggers may also help to better manage hayfever.”

Jag recommends two products in particular.  Clinicians Allerstop chewable tablets and The Health Shop Hamilton’s own branded Desensit-Eze help support the body’s response to many indoor and outdoor allergens. These products can be fast-acting without causing drowsiness and are safe for children. Charissa, the store’s medical herbalist, can provide more comprehensive support.

The Health Shop Hamilton is Hamilton’s newest independent natural health retail store and therapy centre.

Situated in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre, the store stocks quality tried and tested natural health products and has in-store experienced, qualified practitioners.